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18th April 2021^Government House Foundation: Music on the Terrace (Soirée Series) – Darlington Quartet

The Soirée Series offers a rare opportunity to experience three exclusive events in the Green Room at Government House.

First is the Darlington Quartet, an ensemble of gifted musicians drawn from the Australian String Quartet and West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

The Darlington Quartet specialises in chamber music played in intimate settings, where they are able to create a closer connection with the audience.

The players will provide wonderful insights by introducing the pieces they have chosen. These include Ravel’s virtuosic string quartet No.1, which displays his endless imagination for sound and texture on a magic carpet ride of colour and fantasy. Tchaikovsky’s first quartet is full of the heartfelt melodies and irresistible rhythms, including the famous slow movement, that make him such a beloved composer.

The Darlington Quartet love these works because they vividly show the imaginative and expressive possibilities of the string quartet.

When: Sunday, 18th April 2021

Time: 4pm

Where: Green Room, Government House

Tickets: Standard – $110, Members – $100

To purchase tickets and for more information: Perth Concert Hall 

About Music on the Terrace

The Government House Foundation is pleased to present an exciting program of musical events at Government House.

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