governor sits with man and women in room
At the Governor’s swearing-in ceremony with Mr Ian Moiler (left) and Robin Moiler (back left)

Vale Ian Moiler, 1947 – 2019

A dear friend passed away last Monday. I had known Ian Moiler for the best part of 40 years. I last saw him at my swearing in on May 1st last year. He was terribly ill then, an illness he and Robin were managing by leaving for Broome that time of the year. They had fought his illness for a long time.

My office rightly takes me out of partisan politics but not out of personal memories. Ian managed the accounts in my election campaigns. He was fascinated with politics. He drove me on election day in many of them. A shrewd advisor at all times. As memories return I think of more and more of those campaign events.

Politics was Ian’s fascination but not his life. He built his accountancy practise in Parry Street, East Perth with a long list of clients. I was one of them. Always a sober straight man of strong values. It was a delight on consultation days to conclude them with a lunch at the Romany.

But this was business, not his real love. That was Robin and the children; Adam an engineer/financial planner, married with twins; Kim, a doctor with two youngsters and Hayden working in the retail industry. The family has done well. Well on the basis of Ian and Robin’s decision not to send the youngsters to private school but to help them travel instead. The plan worked. They did well.

Robin and Ian had their own travel bug and toured the world. As Ian’s illness developed that travel was incorporated with his treatment. They have the experience and knowledge of a life well lived. Ian, a friend and straightforward business man. His family, one of care and values. I and many others will miss him.

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia

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