governor speaks to man in cotton field
The Governor’s visit to the East Kimberley in August 2018 provided a chance to stop at the Ord River Irrigation Area and speak with members of the local shire.

National Agriculture Day – Governor reflects on the central role of our State’s agriculture and related industries

National Agriculture & Related Industries Day (National AgDay) is celebrated in Australia on the 21st November. It recognises our agriculture, aquaculture, and associated food industries, as well as the hardworking farming and pastoral families who produce food for our State, our nation, and our international trading partners.

As part of National AgDay celebrations, the Governor spoke at an event run by the Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA (PGA) on Thursday, 21st November.

The forum, titled “Australian Agribusiness – Global Opportunities, Local Expertise”, provided a platform for Australian Agribusiness leaders and politicians to provide their expertise to a national audience and to identify where the greatest growth opportunities lie.

The Governor’s speech at the event outlined the State’s burgeoning global opportunities, and the importance of working as a team, being informed, and operating with good business acumen. Read the full speech

As outlined at his swearing-in, advocating for Western Australia’s interests will be a key focus of the Governor’s activities during his term, in addition to the traditional functions of the vice regal role.

In his Statement of Priorities, the Governor identified that he is committed to:

Ensuring that the state, national and international communities understand the critical roles the Western Australian minerals and energy, agricultural and fishing industries play in generating economic growth and development.

The Governor has completed eight trips to the State’s regions as part of his Regional Visit Program and has engaged with a range of Western Australian agricultural and related businesses integral to employment in our regions, and our State’s prosperity. This includes major players along the Ord River, to numerous smaller operators who are integral to our communities and the fabric of our society.



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