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Image from the National Trust by Photographer Matt Poon

Spotlight on Governor’s Priorities – Fanny Balbuk Walk Trail

The Governor is committed to furthering understanding and promoting the well-being of our Indigenous populations and has included this in his Statement of Priorities.

As part of this priority, the Governor is keen to make known the story of Fanny Balbuk Yooreel. Fanny Balbuk Yooreel was a traditional Whadjuk Noongar woman who lived through the British colonisation of Perth in the 19th century. As colonisation descended onto her country, she demanded her right of access to her homeland – to the places significant to her for food, family and friendships.

Her great grandmother Moojurngul, is buried in the grounds of Government House. Fanny would protest at the gates of Government House, cursing those within, while a substantial fence kept her out.

Fanny’s story is a vital part of the history of Government House and the city, and part of the truth telling that will help our community to better understand our history, and walk together.

In 2017, on the 110th anniversary of Fanny’s death, the National Trust of Western Australia launched a self-guided tour, documentary and publication to mark Fanny Balbuk Yooreel’s life.

You can walk the path of Fanny through the Perth city landscape using the National Trust’s self-guided tour booklet. The tour starts at Perth Railway Station with stops at Government House and other significant buildings, ending in Bishop’s Grove.

More about Fanny Balbuk Yooreel

Watch the National Trust’s video featuring interviews with Elder Whadjuk women sharing their stories of Fanny Balbuk Yooreel.

The Governor is proud to be Patron of the National Trust of Western Australia

Government House pays respects to all members of Aboriginal communities throughout Western Australia and their cultures; and to Elders past and present.


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