Governor speaks to men on river's edge
The Governor speaks to members of the WA State Rowing Team on what would have been the eve of their departure for the Sydney International Rowing Regatta.

Officiated at Rowing WA’s annual Beefsteaker’s Breakfast

As Patron of Rowing WA (external link), the Governor officiated at the annual Beefsteakers’ Breakfast to congratulate and farewell West Australian rowing crews as they depart for the Sydney International Rowing Regatta.

Unfortunately, the regatta was cancelled at the last minute this year. Read more 

The Sydney International Regatta normally comprises three individual regattas each substantial in their own right, the:

    • Australian Open Rowing Championships;
    • Australian Open Schools Championships; and
    • King’s and Queen’s Cup Interstate Regatta.
About Rowing WA

Rowing WA is a non-profit sporting organisation representing member rowing clubs and affiliated school rowing programs in Western Australia. The delivery of rowing programs is administered by individual rowing clubs and also by schools conducting rowing programs.

There are 15 clubs and 13 schools with vibrant rowing programs.

There is a total number of almost 5,000 men and women, boys and girls engaged in regular rowing, a steady growth in numbers over recent years.

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