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The oak banquet table

The oak banquet table in the Dining and Executive Council Room is part of a group of original furnishings that were brought into the House when it was first completed.

The table and chairs (1862) were crafted in England specifically for Government House by a popular designer at the time named J.G. Crace.

This table can be expanded to seat 26 guests however usually the maximum around the table is 22.

About the Dining and Executive Council Room

This room is part of the extension to Government House in the 1890’s and was formerly the Billiard Room.

The room today is used for:

  • Executive Council meetings: Chaired by the Governor every second Tuesday. The Governor sits at head of table, alongside two State Government Ministers and the Exco Clerk, and signs laws and regulations, appoints judges, and more. All Bills, including those for the spending public money, passed by the Western Australian Parliament must be signed by the Governor before they become law.
  • Hosted formal working functions: The Governor hosts many formal working functions including dinners and lunches around this table. Depending on the function, this may tie in with the Governor’s advocacy, representational or community roles. Hospitality is a way of bringing people together in order to facilitate important conversations to advance the State’s interests, and to recognise excellence, celebrate community endeavour, and to spotlight achievements.
  • Swearing in ceremonies: Judges, magistrates, and other public officials are “sworn in” in this room by the Governor. These ceremonies are quick: the appointee takes an oath of office, and then the Governor and the appointee both sign the oath and the Governor presents the “commission” (a document with a red State seal) stating the appointee’s duties.

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