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Vale Dr Patricia Kailis AM, OBE

One of the most brilliant and charitable people I have known, Dr Patricia Kailis, has passed away. Her luminous presence among us is no more. A community benefactor, a family matriarch, a scientist of substance and a deeply self-effacing woman whom we will not see the like of again.


With a superb medical background behind her, she married Michael in 1960 and moved to Dongara. She practised medicine but also engaged deeply with a new family and a pioneer in the fishing and pearling industry.


Her life was a movement between industry, children, medicine, research and charity. She had a deep expertise in motor neurone disease, Huntington’s disease and human genetics. She was honoured for that expertise and her contribution to industry, medicine and charity in both the old British Honours System and the new Australian Order. She was a contributor and counsellor to Rocky Bay Inc. (Patricia Kailis Cockburn Central Centre 2010), RPH and research institutes like Harry Perkins Medical Research Institute.


There was nothing narrow about her interests. She was always interesting on broad industrial, economic and political matters. She was a creative and astute observer and participant. Always wise. It is difficult to imagine the place without her.


Deepest sympathy to children Maria, George, Amanda and Alex who keep up the family’s good work, and the broader family.


The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia

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