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Professor Leedman

Discussion with Professor Peter Leedman, Harry Perkins Institute

The Governor spoke with Professor Peter Leedman, Director of the Harry Perkins Institute.

“Excellent conversation today with Professor Peter Leedman. The Harry Perkins Institute are deeply embedded in the response to COVID-19 in the most difficult of circumstances.


They have a research company, Linear Clinical Research, joined in partnership with a Chinese company, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, testing the latter’s work on a COVID-19 vaccine. Linear’s CEO Jayden Rogers said,  “This is one of the most prominent trials globally and involves some of the most renowned vaccines companies.”


More of the Institute has been, and is, engaged in the struggle. Engineers stepped into the breach, all on the production of visors. It continues to be involved in the Detect Project. Vital to effective opening up as they identify the prevalence of healthy, likely to be non-affected populations that will help them move more safely.


As many would be aware, the Institute is heavily dependent on fundraising walks and rides. Job Keeper funds have been vital replacements but may run out September/October so that will require some thought.


These sorts of discussions have been an education for me. Brilliant people across the country are learning how we need to erect defences against these scourges. One wonders if we need a Centre for Disease Control to focus some of this learning and brilliance for future pandemics.”



Harry Perkins have been selected to undertake a trial of one of the first vaccines in the world to demonstrate safety and immune response against COVID-19. Read more here

The Perkins was established in 1998 to unify Western Australian scientists in a collaborative research powerhouse. The team of more than 450 research and trial staff work together to defeat the major diseases that impact our community – diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and rare genetic diseases.

The Governor is proud to be Patron of the Harry Perkins Institute

Over the past month, the Governor has been connecting with his patronage and other State-based organisations to receive briefings on their work and to offer encouragement and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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