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Discussion with Ms Fiona Beermier, CEO Ngala

The Governor spoke with Ms Fiona Beermier, CEO of Ngala. The Governor is proud to be Patron of Ngala.

“Talked with Ms Fiona Beermier, CEO of Ngala today to find out how this venerable and effective organisation was negotiating the pandemic crisis.


Pleased to find they have been able to pivot “fairly quickly”. Ngala has 340 employees, about 280 Full Time Equivalents. Now about 180 are doing their work online of which they had some experience in the pre-virus services for WA Country Health.


Ngala turns 130 in September this year. Its hospital services are privately funded, unique in equivalent services around the country. It is kept alive by early childhood grants and the job keeper part of the federal pandemic response.


Hard work has become harder as families confront isolation from the virus which has stressed strained relationships. Though not strictly within the Ngala remit, they are often the first to know. An important source of information for other sources.


More generally they have delivered their excellent advisory and help services by phone, online and dropping material at folks’ front doors. This is one more great story of our proud institutions reinforcing our resilience.”



We spotlighted Ngala in April and took a closer look at their COVID-19 portal for parents.

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