governor wears VR headset and stands in room with man
The Governor experiences Virtual Whadjuk using a VR headset and is guided by Director Sam field

Meeting with Periscope Pictures

The Governor met with Mr Sam Field, Director and Cinematographer at Periscope Pictures and Ms Taryne Laffar, Founder and Creative Producer of Pink Pepper.

Periscope Pictures has a track record of delivering high quality factual works for television broadcasters including the ABC, SBS and NITV. Established in 2010, they are passionate about telling meaningful, high-impact and boundary-pushing stories.

During the meeting, Mr Sam Field showed the Governor Periscope Picture’s latest project Virtual Whadjuk – a virtual reality experience which blends accurately generated landscapes, 3D animation and interactive tasks with traditional documentary elements, allowing a unique firsthand experience of pre-contact Whadjuk Noongar culture.

Reflecting on the experience, the Governor said,

“Today I had both fascinating discussions and a virtual reality experience with Periscope Pictures viewing their Virtual Whadjuk production.

This is brilliant technology which allows you to experience what life was like pre-settlement of the Swan River. This is a fabulous tool for educating youngsters and all of us on the people whose traditions go back the longest.

Thrilling in particular to have them visit during Reconciliation Week. Their technology as the years go by could be a very useful tool to enhance reconciliation through knowledge.

Virtual Whadjuk is only one of the many wonderful productions by Periscope Pictures – you should check it out.”


Click here to view a teaser of Virtual Whadjuk

governor wears VR headset and stands in room with man
The Governor experiences ‘Virtual Whadjuk’ using a VR headset with guidance from Director Sam field


open laptop on a desk
Virtual Whadjuk as viewed through a normal on-screen format


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