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Ms Susan Male, Chair Rocky Bay

Discussion with Ms Susan Male, Chair of Rocky Bay

The Governor spoke with Ms Susan Male, Chair of Rocky Bay.

Rocky Bay is a leading provider of disability services, offering choice and independence to thousands of people of all ages living with disability in Western Australia.

“‘Never waste a crisis’ is a cynical political remark. Its positive manifestation is represented by a number of our significant institutions. One is a leader in disability and broader services, Rocky Bay.

The organisation handles some 10 per cent of services in WA. Talked to Susan Male, Chair, today. They employ a thousand service workers and have not had to lay any one off. Their over 4, 000 clients remain well served.

As the pandemic evolved with epicenters in aged care and nursing homes they had to move quickly to ensure nothing occurred in theirs. Here, Susan told me they learned much from a flu experience last year. As isolation requirements advanced, they were able to move quickly on new methods of working from home, regionally and in new regions, long intended but not previously achieved.

Rocky Bay supplies a multitude of disability services from independent living, assisted living, through to nursing homes. Likewise, a variety of therapy services in the broader community. One interesting challenge was how to provide experiences for clients used to purposeful outings for shopping and other purposes but who had to isolate. Not easy to understand and very confronting. ‘Activity Buses’ were organised – the outings came to you from the point of view of the clients. Susan gives high praise for the deep experience of CEO Michael Tait in his ability for calm management in the evolving crisis. They have been handling it within the atmosphere of dual but differently based funding services from State and federal governments.

In confusing times the skills and effectiveness of such organisations are a community comfort.”


The Governor is proud to be Patron of Rocky Bay

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