female dancer in front of green background
Image source: West Australian Ballet. Photo by Frances Andrijich

Spotlight on Governor’s Patronage – Watch the West Australian Ballet’s digital season of Genesis

West Australian Ballet are proud to share a digital version of Genesis – a series of experimental performances.

The Company was able to film the performances in their studio before the temporary closure of Maylands Ballet Centre due to COVID-19.

West Australian Ballet Executive Director Ms Jessica Machin said the Company is thrilled that they have been able to showcase the hard work of their dancers and to reach new audiences through this digital medium,

“We are even more grateful that…we can share Genesis with the remote and regional areas of our great State. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to deepen our connection with these communities.”

Artistic Director Aurelien Scannella said that there’s never been a more important moment to bring the magic of Ballet into our homes.

Watch Genesis

Click here to watch Genesis online

The Governor is proud to be Patron of West Australian Ballet

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