The Governor on a call to Goldfields-Esperance Development Council
The Governor on a call to Goldfields-Esperance Development Council

Call with Ms Gail Reynolds-Adamson, chair Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission

The Governor spoke with Ms Gail Reynolds-Adamson from the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission and was given an update of how the region is performing. The Governor was pleased to hear that the Tourism Council of Western Australia will be doing a series of 30 second videos to promote the region and help to get tourist visiting this stunning area.

With COVID-19 restrictions being eased, people are able to move more freely between the Goldfields and Esperance and as a result they have seen an increase in flights within the region with operations now at 50% capacity. Mining in the region is still performing well post-pandemic however, one area that has been impacted is mining exploration for future projects. A positive that has come from COVID-19 is that consumers appear to be favoring Australian made product which is providing a much needed boost to the retail sector in the region.

The Governor has been reaching out to all regions during the COVID-19 pandemic to hear about activity and challenges and to offer support and encouragement.

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