The Governor standing with a man looking at screens
The Governor getting an insight into the AI technology behind the autonomous vehicles

Governor briefed on local smart technology during visit to RCT’s Kewdale workshop

The Governor visited smart technology company RCT in Kewdale and was given a tour of the workshop and training facility by Mr Brett White, Executive Director and CEO, Mr Bob Muirhead, Executive Chairman and Founder, and Mr Dave Holman, Head of Product and Operations.

The Governor was pleased to hear that despite the challenges of COVID-19, RCT remains resilient, and looking to expand. Areas for growth include agriculture, defence and construction sectors.

“When it comes to automation and artificial intelligence, WA is equal to or ahead of the rest of the world in this field. I see the evidence of this frequently when I visit companies throughout the State. RCT is a shining example of WA best practice.”


From their humble beginnings in Kalgoorlie, they now have a footprint covering ‘all corners’ of the globe including offices in the United States (Utah), Russia and Chile. RCT has pioneered mining technology for 50 years, with almost every mine site in Australia believed to have some of RCT’s products.

Some of their innovations include:

  • specialise in converting manually driven vehicles to automated platforms; and have yet to come across a platform they could not automate;
  • collaborating with Defence on two projects including demonstrating the automation of a few test vehicles; and
  • suggestions that they are the only known business of its kind anywhere in the world on the basis of their one-stop-shop business model spanning software development, manufacturing and the supply of parts.

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