governor stands with young men and women in front of garden
The Governor with Leadership Dialogue delegates Mr Matt Dixon, Former State Secretary and Campaign Director, WA Labor; Ms Renae Sayers, Research Ambassador, Curtin University; Ms Nanwen Sounness, Automation Engineer and Developer, BHP Billiton; and Mr Liam Staltari, Change Analyst, WA Gold Corporation.

Lunch with young WA delegates of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue

The Governor hosted a lunch for four young West Australian delegates of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue. The function was an opportunity for the delegates to meet the Governor and engage his insights into Australia’s and WA’s relationship with the world.

AALD Young Leadership Dialogue

Launched in 2007, the Young Leadership Dialogue embodies the intergenerational imperative in maintaining the Leadership Dialogue mission over the longer term—to advance mutual understanding among Australian and US leaders through a consistent flow of younger women and men leaders from each country. On the sidelines of the August 2007 Australian American Leadership Dialogue in Melbourne, the inaugural meeting of the Young Leadership Dialogue was convened by Founder Phil Scanlan.

The Governor hosted a number of events for the 2019 Australian American Leadership Dialogue.

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