Aerial View of Northam Painted Silos
Phlegm & Hense, PUBLIC Silo Trail, Northam (2015). Photograph by Bewley Shaylor, image courtesy of FORM

Northam, WA: Home of the first silo mural to be painted in Australia

On Thursday, 11th June, the Governor visited Northam as part of his program to promote regional travel and encourage all West Australians to get out and see our beautiful State. Just an hour and a half drive, Northam is approximately 96km east of Perth.

One of the many attractions in the Central Wheatbelt is the CBH Northam Grain Terminal painted silos, completed in 2018. Standing 38 metres high, they were painted by London artist Phlegm and Atlanta native HENSE over 16 days, using around 740 litres of paint to create Australia’s first silo mural. These impressive works of art are something all residents of Northam and WA can be proud of.

These painted silos are now part of FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail throughout WA. Following WA’s lead, painted silos now dominate rural landscapes right across the country in VIC, SA, QLD and NSW. Collectively these form the Australian Silo Art Trail.

Visit FORM’s Public Silo Trail (external site) for more locations in WA.

*Please note CBH Northam Grain Terminal is a fully operational grain handling site, with trucks and loading equipment constantly in use. The site is not open to the public. Please photograph this work from a safe distance. 

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