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The Governor’s WA Day message to all West Australians

The Governor has recorded a message to mark WA Day 2020 (Monday, 1st June).

In April 2012, Foundation Day was formally changed to WA Day following bipartisan political support in the Western Australian Parliament. This welcomed in a new era for the State with WA Day being a universal celebration of all Western Australians, recognising our Aboriginal history, early European settlers and the many people from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home.

The Governor is proud to be Patron of Celebrate WA – the not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting and organising the annual WA Day celebrations.

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Full transcript

To my fellow West Australians – Happy WA Day.

I acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation from whose traditional lands we are broadcasting from and I pay my respects to their elders past and present.

This is a WA Day like no other.

Even though we can’t gather to celebrate at local events like we used to, we’re still being encouraged to show our support and love for our State in new and creative ways.  To ‘Celebrate in our own way’.

We are still facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Granted, we have been through more difficult times before. The existential threats in times of war surpass pandemics – nevertheless, pandemics are about as hard it gets.

As West Australians, you’ve shown that when we respond with self-discipline, mutual help and care for whole communities, good things happen. When we work together we are powerful.

This pandemic has really been a test of the type of people we are. And so far, we’ve proven that we exhibit the best instincts of our nature when times get tough.

We know there is still a struggle ahead. Restoring our economic prosperity and societal direction is going to prove at least (if not more) testing than what we’ve been through.

We will need all the strength of our sympathy for our fellow human beings, because not all of us are going to come out of this crisis in great shape.

So care and concern for communities will be a hallmark of the next year, to the next WA Day.

Our existing strengths as a State will help us on this journey to recovery.

We are the superb contributors to our export economy. We are the world’s greatest mineral province. We have world-class health and medical research institutes.

This crisis has got us thinking about our own sovereign capability; that is, our ability to ensure our own means of critical production. How to capitalise on our home grown innovation and excellence. The public sector, our government and businesses are working hard on this.

The good thing is that as I talk to people around the community, everybody is alert to the challenges. In most cases, many have adapted and are working towards even greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

This pandemic – whilst creating fears, suffering and economic difficulty – has also sharpened our wits and melted our hearts; a good position to be in.

On this WA Day we really do have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate.

Make sure to visit Celebrate WA’s website to find out how you can recognise your own WA Day Hero and watch some of our best local musicians perform in the special SOTA-Stream event.

Enjoy this day with family and friends, and take time to appreciate all the benefits that living in WA can bring.

Thank you all and stay safe.



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