woman sings on stage with audience in front of her
Mezzo Soprano Brigitte Heuser performing in the Ballroom on Friday 24th July

Applause for West Australian Opera’s ‘Standing Room Only’ concerts

West Australian Opera’s penultimate edition of the ‘Standing Room Only’ micro-recital concerts took place on Friday 24th July in the Government House Ballroom.

Three of the four micro-recitals were sell out events. Headlining the recitals were Prudence Sanders, Matt Reuben James-Ward, Brigitte Heuser and Penny Shaw.

Feedback received by West Australian Opera from the community for the micro-recitals so far has been extremely positive:

  • “The concert was amazing. It captivated myself and two young daughters (aged 4yo and 6yo) and was the perfect length as an introduction for them to see opera in live performance. I have missed seeing live performances so much and felt complete and inspired after the concert. Thank you so much for putting this series on.”
  • “Lovely to have these small bite size pieces of art for people to sample.”
  • “Fabulous event. Such a gorgeous event to go see in my lunch break.”
  • “Beautiful venue, gorgeous first ever experience of opera, short time frame perfect to get a taste of it. Overall loved it.”
  • “Loved the mini concert. A great way to introduce first time Opera audience. Well done and thank you to Mr Beazley for offering the venue.”
  • “We think it is a brilliant idea to bring a short but valuable professional event to a historic building and allow all members of the public the opportunity to attend.”

The final four recitals for this Friday, 31st July are officially sold out. Thank you to everyone for supporting our local artists!

Standing Room Only is being presented as part of the Restart the Arts with Government House initiative



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