governor stands with woman and man in front of the House
The Governor with Sharyn O’Neill and Michael Barnes

Briefing on WA Recovery Plan

The Governor received a briefing from WA Public Sector Commissioner and State Recovery Controller Ms Sharyn O’Neill and Under Treasurer Michael Barnes about the recently launched WA Recovery Plan.

The plan – plus the WA Impact Statement, WA Key Insights from Stakeholder Engagement and Setting the Scene – are on The website will be updated as details of each of the priorities in the plan are announced by the Government over the coming weeks. It will also be updated as individual projects progress over the months ahead.

Conversations at Government House: Via the link below, watch the Governor’s conversation with Sharyn O’Neill, recorded at Government House, about Western Australia’s recovery from COVID-19 including the health, economic and social impacts.

Western Australia’s recovery from COVID-19: Ms Sharyn O’Neill, State Recovery Controller – WA Public Sector Commissioner

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