governor stands with men in front of Government House
The Governor with Dr Andrew Cornejo, Mr Mark Edwards and Mr Luc Kox

Discussion with Hazer Group on clean energy and resources

The Governor met with a delegation from Hazer Group Limited, Dr Andrew Cornejo (Co-Founder and CTO), Mr Mark Edwards (COO) and Mr Luc Kox (Commercial Manager).

The WA based company is commercialising a technology that produces clean energy and resources from waste gas; all whilst achieving a negative carbon footprint. The innovation stems from research out of the University of Western Australia utilising methane (biogas or natural gas) and iron ore to produce clean hydrogen gas and graphite.

Hazer recently executed Binding Agreements with Water Corporation for the supply of biogas and co-location of a Commercial Demonstration Plant at the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project will be the first fully integrated deployment of the Hazer Process at larger scale.



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