The Governor with Chris Eastwell and Sam Forbes and Malcolm De silva outside large Satellite
Health and safety briefing before touring the Remote Operations Centre at Fugro

Governor visits world-leading WA-based telecommunications company

“This is further evidence of where Western Australia are world leaders in these technologies. Enhancing employment opportunities in these fields and improving our sovereign capabilities during the aftermath of COVID-19 cannot be overestimated.”


The Governor was invited to Fugro to tour the Perth International Telecommunications Centre to hear about advancements in our space telecommunication and remote robotic technologies.

Greeted by Chris Eastwell – Director, Sam Forbes – General Manager Remote & Autonomous Operations and Malcom De Silva – Head of State WA – Telstra Enterprise, Fugro are the world’s leading geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it.

Announced last month, the Australian government’s newly formed Australian Space Agency (ASA) has partnered with Fugro to design, build and operate the Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in Western Australia. This is a massive step forward to enhance our sovereign capabilities.

The Governor with Chris Eastwell and Malcolm De silva at Fugro Remote Communications Centre in front of large Satellite
The Governor arriving at Perth International Telecommunications Centre

In the Fugro Remote Operations Centre, there was an opportunity to speak in real-time with officers that are currently working in a remote location offshore. The team was running an operation to replace a control module out at sea. Video feed was being streamed live from a camera mounted on robotic machinery. This was sitting on deck of the vessel in transit to the repair location. Communication between the Governor and the officers onboard was crystal clear as if they were in the same room.

The Governor in Fugro Remote Operations Control Room
Fugro Remote Communications Room

A further demonstration was given on how robotic technology is applied. The Governor was invited to take control and operate a robotic arm attached to a piece of machinery at an offsite location. All of this interaction was done from a control panel that can be installed anywhere in the world.

The Governor controlling Remote Arm of Robotic Machinery
Fugro Remote Operations Control Room

A walk through the network and server rooms demonstrated the volume of computing resources and infrastructure required to run such a large operation.

The Governor with Chris Eastwell in computer server room
Fugro Director Chris Eastwell explaining server technology advancements

The Governor also heard about the advancements of this technology and the potential application in the defence sector and also further space opportunities.

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