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The case for Perth to have a world class film and TV studio: US actress and producer Kate Walsh

August 2020

The Governor sat down with US actress and producer Kate Walsh. Kate is currently based in Perth after her holiday to Australia in March was indefinitely extended due to COVID-19.

With extensive experience in acting and producing, she is best known for her roles as Dr Addison Montgomery-Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, Olivia Baker in 13 Reasons Why, and most recently as The Handler in The Umbrella Academy.

Conversation centered around Kate’s recent advocacy for Perth to have a world-class film and TV studio to capitalise on our local talent and diverse natural landscape.

Kate also spoke with the Governor about her personal experience with COVID-19, her thoughts on the ‘American Dream’ and the cultural differences and similarities between Australia and the United States.

“As things started to open up here in Perth and WA I started to look around – it’s so beautiful, it’s so pristine, and there’s such a civic love and beautiful architecture. The more I explored, the more I got out and about after the quarantine lifted, I really realised that this is an incredible city and a beautiful State.

I started to ask questions both to the people at WAAPA and Screenwest – why do people have to leave when they graduate WAAPA – why can’t kids stay here and work, why do they have to go east or international?

I got the answer that – by and large – people come here to shoot on location, but the reason why there wasn’t a proper film and TV, or competitive, film and TV industry here is because there wasn’t a studio.”

Kate Walsh

One of the Governor’s priorities is to advocate for WA as a rich and vibrant arts, cultural, educational and tourism destination. The Governor was delighted to speak with Kate about our State’s potential to host a world-class end-to-end film and TV production facility to showcase our local talent and strengths.

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