Governor stands with woman and bear suit in front of government house on footpath
The Governor with Legacy Australia Ambassador Christine Simpson Stokes AM outside Government House.

Governor launches Legacy Week 2020

The Governor, as Patron of Legacy WA, launched Legacy Week 2020 at Government House yesterday with Legacy CEO Ms Vivian Blycha, President Mr Peter Emmett and national Ambassador Ms Christine Simpson Stokes AM.

Legacy stands at the ready for every Australian defence family, helping them rebuild their lives, as it has done since 1923 when a small group of World War I veterans first accepted a legacy of responsibility for the widows and children of their fallen mates.

That is why, in 2020, one of Australia’s longest and proudest traditions, Legacy Week or Badge Week (Monday 31st August – Sunday 6th September) is more important than ever.

Affectionately known as ‘Australia’s biggest family’, Legacy’s tradition of caring for over 97 years continues to reach out to thousands of Australian widows, families and children of soldiers who have lost their lives or health during or following service in all conflicts, from World War I to current conflicts.

With the help of a group of dedicated volunteers, known as Legatees, Legacy currently supports more than 3500 widows, 75 children and dependents in Western Australia.

How to help

Buy a small badge to help support the families of local current serving ADF personnel or veterans who are deceased or incapacitated.

  • In real terms, a $10 badge will assist Legacy with providing after school care for the child of a young widow who needs to work to support her family.
  • Buying a $5 badge will help Legacy to support a widow to live her senior years at home with dignity and without social isolation.
  • A $20 badge will enable Legacy to provide a veteran’s child with uniforms, buy school books or support them to pursue a tertiary education.

Legacy badges are on sale in your local area, including Perth CBD Murray Street Mall on Badge Day, Thursday 3rd September.

Or go online to donate at

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