governor speaks with students in classroom and smiles
The Governor with Challis students in the ‘Just Brass’ band, overseen by teacher Michelle Wilde.

Governor meets with music program students at Challis Community Primary School

The Governor visited Challis Community Primary School to meet with students in the music program which relies heavily on community instrument donations.

students in classroom with instruments
Challis students in the Guitar Ensemble overseen by teacher Ziggy Atwell

In 2018, the school was featured in the ABC TV series ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ with Guy Sebastian. Since their involvement in the show, the school has been able to continue its music program relying heavily on support from generous grants and public donations of instruments. Read more 

The Governor was pleased to hear about the success of the program from Principal Mrs Lee Musumeci and to meet students in the brass, strings, guitar and choir groups,

“Totally inspired to be at Challis Community Primary School this morning. The Principal Mrs Lee Musumeci, her teachers and the school are famous worldwide. They reflect brilliance in music and segue it into the basis of the students’ learning.

Also inspired by the degree to which parents are involved in the program. Only hope that the generosity shown by the community broadly and the business community in particular in the donation of instruments is continued and increased.”

governor and woman smile from behind school wall at camera
The Governor with Challis Community Primary School Principal Mrs Lee Musumeci


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