The Governor in a underground trench
Underground section of the Gallipoli Trench Project, Geraldton

Governor’s Regional Visit Program: Geraldton, Day Three

From Monday 17th August to Wednesday 19th August, the Governor visited Geraldton as part of his Regional Visit Program.

The Governor’s itinerary was developed in coordination with the Mid West Development Commission.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor kept in touch regularly with all Regional Development Commissions over Zoom and phone calls, receiving updates on each region’s activities and challenges.

Itinerary – Wednesday 19th August

  • Indian Ocean Fresh Australia (IOFA) Accompanied by owner Erica Starling, the Governor visited the Yellowtail Kingfish cages at the Geraldton Fisherman’s Wharf. IOFA has forged strong collaborative links with aquaculture experts in Australia and around the world to produce fantastic, fresh sashimi grade fish in a responsible, thoughtful and caring manner. This approach has led them to build positive relationships with their staff, suppliers, customers and community.
The Governor with Erica Starling looking at Yellowtail Kingfish Cages
Owner Erica Starling showing the Governor the Yellowtail Kingfish Cages off the coast of Geraldton
  • a stirring tour and re-enactment from the soldiers and officers from the 11th Battalion Gallipoli Trench Project. It is intrinsically linked to the 11th Battalion and therefore, Western Australia. Recreating Leane’s Trench; 100m of war zone lifted straight out of 1915. It is designed to be an experience where you will be the reinforcements arriving on 6th August 1915 to bolster the 11th Battalion AIF. The 11th Battalion AIF is a commemorative Living History Unit dedicated to remembering Western Australia’s involvement in World War 1.
The Governor inspecting the troops at Gallipoli Trench Project
Gallipoli Trench Project, 11th Battalion, Geraldton
  • Tour and briefing on the Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station (ADSCS) by Roland Layton, Executive Director, Officer in Charge. The Australian Defence Force has access to worldwide high quality and high capacity communications satellites. ADSCS is moving to upgrade its existing ground terminal fleet and anchor stations to complete its next generation satellite communications system.


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