The Governor with Chironix staff
Chrionix ‘Pluto’ Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog

Perth based robotics company Chironix thriving in emergent world of cyber physical systems

Chironix provided the Governor with an update on their technology development and current collaborations in defence. This included showcasing four robots currently being worked on for a contract with the Defence Science Technology Group.

Chironix was established with a vision to embrace the new technologies of Industry 4.0 to create human-centred systems to make work safer and more efficient, and to realise human potential through technology.

As a Perth-based company they partner with global technology leaders combining their devices with Chironix software engineering expertise to build human-centred products. Chironix specialise in robotics automation, machine learning and wearable devices in the resources, defence and research sectors.

Daniel Milford, Managing Director introduced the Governor to ‘Pluto’ – Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog and three ATV autonomous vehicles which will be operated remotely using ‘Glass’ technology.

The Governor with robotic technology
The Governor being introduced to Pluto – Boston Dynamic Robotic Dog
The Governor with the Warhog Robotic Vehicle
‘Warthog” Robotic vehicle

The future of work will demand the use of smart machines to eliminate the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. The goal is to bridge the gap between the humans and robotic workforce by enhancing the human operator with wearable technologies.

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