Crowd enjoying a live performance
Crowd enjoying the Standing Room Only performance

Standing Room Only – curtain call on a successful series

A successful collection of events came to a close on Friday. Standing Room Only completed its fourth and final show of the series in the Government House Ballroom.

This set of  sell-out performances expertly curated by the West Australian Opera (external link) each featured, one singer, a pianist and operas’ greatest arias. The performances provided both artists and attendees with the opportunity to both deliver and enjoy a live performance during these unprecedented times.

Standing Room Only was held as part of the Governor’s Restart the Arts with Government House initiative, supporting local artists and creative industries affected by COVID-19 by the provision of the Government House Ballroom as a venue available for eligible local artists and arts organisations to perform, record, exhibit, rehearse and stream performances, in line with physical distancing protocols.

Tommaso Pollio and Paul O Neill wow the audience with their Standing Room Only Performance


Crowd standing applauding a performance
A crowd applauds the final Standing Room Only performance.


people stand and watch stage
Guests at the first ‘Standing Room Only’ recital on Friday, 10th July, watching soprano Samantha Clarke.


The Governor chatting with the growing sell-out crowd eagerly awaiting the performance
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