The Governor watching the sterilisation process
Watching how quick and safe the sterilisation process is using UV-C

GERMii UV-C Pathogen Mitigation helping combat COVID-19

The Governor toured the facilities at GERMii who specialise in the application of proven UV-C sanitisation technology, to fight against the current COVID-19 virus and future known pathogens, to protect staff and customers in transit and in the workplace.

The Governor with Mr Harold Van Haltren, CEO, Germii
Mr Harold Van Haltren, CEO, Germii, explaining the devices GERMii has created to fight COVID-19 and other pathogens

Met by Mr Harold Van Haltren, CEO, Germii, the Governor was told about GERMii’s technique which uses UV-C light at a particular frequency, based on GERMii research, that has been independently verified as being the most effective way to combat COVID-19 from surfaces. This negates dangerous and also ineffective sanitisation methods (chemical fogging) for COVID-19.

The Governor and Mr Harold Van Haltren, CEO, Germii
Mr Harold Van Haltren, CEO, Germii demonstrating one of the UV-C sanitisation units used to kill pathogens on clothing

Anticipated health challenges and responding accordingly, GERMii became a national company after only 126 days, and as at June 2020, was selling 200 units of their sanitation lights a week around the country from their premises in Malaga, to keep people safe and businesses operating.

GERMii sterilisation unit
GERMii UV-C sanitisation unit

“This is a great story focused around the rapid, effective and efficient mobilisation of WA industry to met a need in the community.”


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