The Governor with Milo the robot
Milo the robot giving Diego a lesson on facial expressions and social cues

Discovering Abilities: Rocky Bay welcomes the Governor

On Thursday 8th October, the Governor paid a visit to the staff, volunteers and customers at Rocky Bay Mandurah and was met by Michael Tait, CEO, Rocky Bay, Susan Male, Chairperson, Rocky Bay and Rhys Williams, Mayor, City of Mandurah.

The Governor with Michael Tait, CEO, Rocky Bay, Rhys Williams, Mayor, City of Mandurah and Susan Male, Chairperson, Rocky Bay
Michael Tait, CEO, Rocky Bay, Rhys Williams, Mayor, City of Mandurah and Susan Male, Chairperson, Rocky Bay greeting the Governor to Rock Bay

Rocky Bay is a leading provider of disability services, offering choice and independence to people of all ages living with disability in Western Australia. The breadth of services, equipment and facilities, highly experienced employees and large team of support staff ensure they offer tailored support.

The Governor was given an update on Rocky Bay and how proud they are to be leading the way in West Australian disability services and community inclusion. Their purpose is to achieve optimal quality of life for people living with disability and the over 3090 people of all ages they are currently supporting.

“I have been wanting to visit Rocky Bay to see, up close, the superb work being done as they provide development opportunities and support for people with a range of disabilities. These are truly compassionate people with compassionate services and it is an honour to be Patron of this magnificent organisation.”

The Governor


Milo the Robot

The Governor met with Diego and his Mother and Therapist Katiane Martinez to receive a demonstration on how Milo works.

Rocky Bay Therapist conducting a lesson using Milo the robot
Rocky Bay Therapist conducting a lesson using Milo the robot

“It’s easy to see how this system can improve interactions for people with Autism by teaching them facial expressions and social cues. This is amazing technology, and it was great to see Milo in action.”

The Governor

Milo is an evidence-based curriculum and robot designed to help children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to navigate social situations, learn emotional cues and develop self-regulating behaviours.

Milo the robot
Milo the robot

The reason Milo has the ability to work with children in such an effective way because he never gets tired or frustrated, is always consistent and can expresses a full range of emotion and helps children learn to navigate awkward interactions.

NeuroNode Trilogy

Therapists Lynsey Monk and Amy Savourey provided the Governor with a demonstration on how the device works.

The Governor learning about NeuroNode Trilogy from Lynsey Monk and Amy Savourey
NeuroNode Trilogy demonstration by Lynsey Monk and Amy Savourey

NeuroNode Trilogy, a device that combines eye gaze technology, touch control and electromyography (EMG) that allows an individual to communicate.

NeuroNode Trilogy, Rocky Bay Mandurah
NeuroNode Trilogy, Rocky Bay Mandurah


Sensory Room

The Governor was shown the state of the art sensory room which is designed to increase sensory stimulation, enabling people with disability to interact with and control their environment in a gentle and relaxing way.

Sensory Room, Rocky Bay Mosman Park
Sensory Room, Rocky Bay Mosman Park

It’s a new and different place to spend time, encouraging activity and allowing visitors the opportunity to explore the environment in an enjoyable, safe and secure environment that allows visitors to relax physically and mentally.


Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike

Rocky Bay regular ‘Doug’ was able to give the Governor a first hand look at how this technology can help people recovering from spinal injuries.

Rocky Bay has expanded its neurological rehabilitation services with the launch of the first Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike at its Mandurah Hub in 2019.

“Having the FES Bike in Mandurah has allowed our surrounding customers to eliminate long journeys to Rocky Bay hubs in the north for rehabilitation, and frees up their time to be able to participate in other activities,” Ms Male said.

The Governor with Rocky Bay Mandurah staff
Doug, a Rocky Bay customer is demonstrating to the Governor how the FES Bike works

With over $53,000 raised through generous community and corporate donations, Rocky Bay is now able to provide neurological rehabilitation therapy to more than half a dozen Mandurah-based customers with neurological conditions and spinal cord injuries.

The FES Bike will be only the second piece of neurological therapy equipment of this type located south of Perth, with the other located at Fiona Stanley Hospital.


Studio art room

The Governor met Ms Maria Bassano who has been a customer of Rocky Bay for 22 years. She spoke to the Governor about her garden and how much she love to paint and create colourful pottery.

The Governor and Ms Maria Bassano
Ms Maria Bassano showing the Governor her pottery art

The Governor presented Maria with a keepsake coin as a memento of his visit. She was so happy that she shared her excitement with all of the staff.

Ms Maria Bassano
Ms Maria Bassano beaming with joy after speaking with the Governor and receiving a keepsake coin


Music in Movement Community Group

The Governor participated in a group activity with customers in the community area. During this interactive session, everyone grabs a handle and flaps the umbrella shape parachute up and down while they sing and dance underneath one at a time.

Music and Movement Group
The Governor joining in the Music and Movement Group

Rocky Bay’s Therapy & Professional Services team have created several innovative projects as a way to engage adults and children in the community in a fun and casual way.

“The joy that these activity’s provide to the customers of Rocky Bay is apparent for all to see. Their faces light up with excitement as they get to take their turn under the parachute.”

The Governor


Mobile Equipment Van

Rocky Bay Equipment mobile van specialises in equipment repairs and maintenance. They can provide disability support equipment for all needs and abilities.

Rocky Bay Mobile Van
Rocky Bay Mobile Van

Rocky Bay also has a fully equipped workshop out at Cockburn for custom built equipment, maintenance and also stocks a large range of refurbished equipment for sale or hire. All of their equipment is managed with care and attention to detail.

The Governor is proud to be Patron of Rocky Bay.

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