The Governor at Telethon 2020
The Governor with Ms Gina Williams at Telethon 2020 – Photo by: Viva Life Photography

Governor attends Telethon 2020 weekend

In a tough year for everyone in WA and around the world, it’s events like Telethon that gives us all a reason to celebrate.

Even a global pandemic couldn’t halt the generosity of West Australians as $46,331,097 million was raised for our kids this weekend, with the public, big business and government all opening their hearts, purses and wallets.

The Governor attended one of the panels and shared a message of thanks to all of the charities and families who look after sick children.

The Governor and Ms Gina Williams at Telethon 2020, Crown Theatre
The Governor and Ms Gina Williams at Telethon 2020, Crown Theatre – Photo by: Viva Life Photography

The theme for this year was ‘United’, the vibe was one of hope and positivity and knowing how very lucky we are here in the West to be able to still move ahead with Telethon.

The event took on a very different look and feel as replacing the traditional 26 hour telecast, Telethon was packed into two television special events, live from the new venue – Crown Theatre.

Respectful of how challenging 2020 has been for large sections of WA, Telethon’s message was that “if you can give, please do…but if you can’t please enjoy Telethon as we deliver some positivity and entertainment and remind WA how lucky, generous and resilient we are”.

To donate to Telethon go to the website:

The Governor is proud to be patron of Telethon

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