The Governor looking at an interactive display at Telethon Kids Institute
The Governor looking at an interactive display in the new Telethon Kids Discovery Centre

Telethon Kids Institute tour with the Honourable Julie Bishop and Professor Jonathan Carapetis

The Governor visited the Telethon Kids Institute at the Perth Children’s Hospital in Nedlands.

Founded in 1990 by Professor Fiona Stanley and Professor Lou Landau, the Telethon Kids Institute is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The Institute has grown from a small team of Western Australian researchers to one of Australia’s leading research institutes and is now home to more than 600 researchers working on improving and optimising child health and development.

On arrival, the Governor was greeted by the Institute’s Chair – the Honourable Julie Bishop and Director – Professor Jonathan Carapetis. The group was then taken to meet Dr Jason Waithman for a tour of the cancer laboratory, escorted by Elizabeth Chester – Director of External Affairs.

The Governor looking at cancer cell under microscope
The Governor looking at cancer cells under the microscope with Dr Jason Waithman

In the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases, the Governor met with Associate Professor Asha Bowen for an update on COVID-19 research being undertaken by epidemiologists, microbiologists and clinical researchers.

The Governor meeting with Dr
Associate Professor Asha Bowen speaking to the Governor about COVID-19 research studies

At the Embrace Research Centre, the Governor spoke with Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin about the work they are doing in the mental health space. Embrace is Western Australia’s first research centre devoted to the mental health of children and young people ages 0-25.

The Governor meeting with Dr ???
Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin

Over a morning tea break, the Governor was pleased to meet with the following Telethon staff for discussions about their areas of expertise:

  • Glenn Pearson, Deputy Director Aboriginal Health
  • Catherine Elliott, Deputy Director Research
  • Paul Watt, Director of Research Services and Innovation

The Governor’s tour concluded with a visit to the interactive Telethon Kids Discovery Centre, which opened in July this year. Located on the ground floor at the northern entrance of the Perth Children’s Hospital, the Discovery Centre is a fun and interactive space full of games designed to get kids, and adults alike, excited about science, health and research.

Also located on the ground floor of the hospital, the Governor viewed the Institute’s Donor Recognition Wall.

men and women stand in brightly coloured room and look at displays
The Discovery Centre on the ground floor of the Perth Children’s Hospital
The Governor playing the Catch and Collect Game
The Discovery Centre provides a unique experience for children aged 7 and up, and adults too!
The Governor and Julie Bishop looking at Contribution wall
Looking at the Donor Recognition Wall

The life-changing research that Telethon Kids is able to conduct is a product of the generous support of many, including individuals, families, community groups and corporates. The impact of Telethon Kids can be felt around the world through:

  • Research that uncovers how and why kids get sick and ways to make them better
  • The translation of research into better policies, programs, services and treatments to tackle the complex challenges facing kids and families today
  • Training the next generation of child health researchers.

Click here to read more about donating to Telethon Kids Institute 

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