governor reveals plaque on stage with officials

Governor opens new RAAFA Air Force Memorial Estate Club

The Governor conducted the official opening of the new RAAFA Air Force Memorial Estate Club in Bull Creek.

The event marked the establishment of this new RAAFA Club, a special place of gathering for residents living on the Estate, members and friends of RAAFA.

The Estate houses RAAFA’s Veterans Advocacy support service and is also home to RAAFA’s Aviation Heritage Museum.

The Governor is a Patron of the Royal Australian Air Force Association.

governor delivers speech at lectern


governor and officials smile at camera on stage next to plaque


Opened in 1973, Air Force Memorial Estate in Bull Creek was established initially as a Country Club for ex-service personnel. The Club is an important part of RAAFAs history and of the fabric of the Air Force Memorial Estate and was well in need of an upgrade.

The opportunity arose to replace the Club with a new facility with the building of the Cirrus apartments.

The new RAAFA Club includes a café, restaurant and alfresco dining, sports bar, bowling club and function rooms.


The RAAFA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to meeting the needs of its members rather than the profit requirements of shareholders.

Surplus resources are reinvested in the organisation to provide better facilities and enhanced services for their members


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