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Photo from Parliament WA

Message from the Governor: Vale Hon Clive Edward Griffiths AO

A great servant of this State and our Parliament passed away last week after living a long and worthwhile life.

His career in the Legislative Council began in 1965 and ended with his retirement in 1997. For 20 of those years he was President of the Council. He was the longest serving presiding officer of either chamber.

Prior to Parliament his story is typical of the post-war generation. First a skill – electrician – then a small business. Membership of the South Perth Liberal Party then into the South East Metropolitan province. Then, the Council was single member constituencies. There was in many ways a non-partisan atmosphere. Clive was a real community man with a mindset that made him appealing to many voters, normally of the opposing party.

He took that perspective into the Council. It was not there to make governments, it was there to review governments. It was not there to test constitutional limits. That broad view took him a long way with both sides of politics. He left politics and took on support for his community patronages.

A man of a disappearing era. We can look back on his life with nostalgia. We can also look back to a life well lived. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

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