governor speaks at lectern

Reception to launch Australian Futures Project’s new research program

The Governor hosted a reception for Australian Futures Project to launch the organisation’s new research program, ‘Improving How Australia Makes its Future’.

Australian Futures Project was founded in 2011 with the vision to be Australia’s trusted authority on future-making. It is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit charity.

The mission of the organisation is to understand and improve how Australia makes its future with the core purpose of ensuring that Australia maximises and shares its success across current and future generations.

Australian Futures Project is a “think and do tank” with programs focussed on understanding both the future Australia wants and how the country currently makes its future, and – based on that understanding – improving how Australia makes that future a reality.

governor speaks to audience from lectern
The Governor delivered welcome remarks at the reception
governor and ms annus in group photo smiling at camera
The Governor and Ms Annus with key guests including (front row) Mr Ralph Ashton, Founder and Executive Director, Australian Futures Project; Ms Alexandra Burt, Chair, Australian Futures Project Board and Ms Kate Chaney, Board Member, Australian Futures Project Board


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