governor and man sit at table while man signs piece of paper
His Honour Bruce Goetze signs the Oath of Office

Swearing-in for Auxiliary Judge of the District Court of Western Australia

The Governor swore in His Honour Bruce Goetze as an Auxiliary Judge of the District Court of Western Australia.

governor watches as man reads oath
His Honour Bruce Goetze takes the Oath of Office to be an Auxiliary Judge of the District Court.


Mr Goetze retired as a judge of the District Court on 22 October 2020. Prior to this he was appointed as a judge of District Court in 2006. During his time as a judge he was a member of the District Court Building Committee and Management Council Committee.

In 1974, Mr Goetze was admitted as a legal practitioner in Western Australia. As a legal practitioner he practiced in the areas of personal injury, commercial litigation and professional disciplinary prosecutions.

group of men and women smile at camera in front of stairs
The Governor with His Honour Bruce Goetze and family (front row) and The Hon Judge Andrew Stavrianou, Senior Judge District Court and Ms Joanne Stampalia, Executive Director Court and Tribunal Services.


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