The Governor inspecting the graduates
260 Graduation Parade RAAF Pearce

Governor attends PC-21 Pilot Graduation Parade at Pearce RAAF Base

The Governor attended the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Pearce on Friday as the Reviewing Officer for the PC-21 Pilot Graduation Parade.

“It is my great pleasure to be here to congratulate all graduates of the No 260 PC-21 ADF Pilots’ Course on this milestone day. You should each be proud of your achievements and determination to get this far, and should revel in your new role within the Royal Australian Air Force, and more broadly within the Australian Defence Force.

As graduates of the Number 260 PC-21 ADF Pilot’s Course, you are part of the most significant technological upgrade in Air Force’s 98-year history.

Each of you is essential to sustaining superiority in the air-sea gap from our coastline outwards. You have been trained to be at the forefront of firstly what defends us and secondly, because it does, what deters. If you never fire a shot in anger, you have already done your job.

I hope that the confidence and skill you have demonstrated throughout your training will serve as the foundation on which you continue to learn and improve, and that you always undertake your duties to the highest possible standards.

You are now part of the Defence mission to defend Australia and its national interests in order to advance our security and prosperity. Always keep the Defence values of service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence close.”

The Governor

The Governor with John Lewin
The Pilatus Aircraft Trophy – Awarded to John Lewin – Graduation Parade RAAF Pearce

This new Pilot Training System will be able to train more people faster and to a higher standard, with an:

  • advanced aircraft
  • state of the art simulation, and
  • an electronic learning environment.

The system will ensure undergraduate pilots develop the necessary knowledge and skills prior to progressing onto advanced military aircraft.

Pilatus PC-21 Aircraft

The Pilatus PC-21 is the world’s most advanced pilot training aircraft.

As part of the AIR 5428 Pilot Training System project, the PC-21 will replace Air Force’s current PC-9/A. It will be based at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria and RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia.

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