The Governor with His Honour Mr Simon Dieter Freitag
The Governor with His Honour Mr Simon Dieter Freitag

Swearing-in for Mr Simon Dieter Freitag

The Governor swore in His Honour Mr Simon Dieter Freitag as a Judge of the District Court of Western Australia the Children’s Court of Western Australia and Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

The Governor with His Honour Mr Simon Dieter Frietag
The Governor swearing-in His Honour Mr Simon Dieter Freitag


Mr Freitag was admitted to practice in Western Australia in 1999. In April 2001 he worked at the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) as a solicitor in the criminal unit conducting Magistrates Court hearings as defence counsel and duty counsel work.

Mr Freitag commenced practice as a Barrister at the Independent Bar in July 2003. Based at Albert Wolff Chambers, he conducts a varied practice accepting defence briefs from Legal Aid WA (LAWA), ALS and also private practitioners.

Mr Freitag has been committed to doing work for LAWA throughout his career, particularly homicide matters. He also accepts briefs of prosecution from both the Director of Public Prosecutions (both for Superior Courts and regional matters) and Perth Police Prosecutions for Magistrates Court hearings.

Mr Freitag has a significant amount of trial experience having conducted approximately 200 trials in the superior courts including many homicide trials. He has appeared as counsel in more than 600 hearings in the Magistrates Court and conducted approximately 40 appeals.

Mr Freitag is a foundation signatory to the National Pro Bono Aspiration Target through the Australian Pro Bono Resource Centre. He is a contributing author and occasional lecturer for the College of Law Program since 2008 and in 2006 was commissioned by the Law Reform Commission of WA as one of the contributing writers on the Reform of the Law of Homicide project.

He was appointed Senior Counsel on 29 November 2017 and since that time has been on the Admissions Committee of the Legal Practice Board.

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