Tim Minchin in Kings Park
Tim Minchin delights a crowd of 5,000 in Kings Park.

Tim Minchin a treat which bears repeating

The Governor and Ms Annus thoroughly enjoyed a truly fantastic Tim Minchin concert in Kings Park, a great signature event of the Perth Festival.

Tim Minchin is the best – a great West Australian. It was so interesting to me that so many of his stories were totally relatable to this state and Perth, yet he has found a way of translating that Perth experience into a body of work that fascinates people in the UK and US, said the Governor.

A gathering of 5,000 folk enjoyed Tim and the concert and it was a wonderful thing to see after a pretty extensive period of not seeing terribly many people around.

A big shout out to the musicians that accompanied him. He came by himself but in a week he discovered a superb back-up rock band and a brilliantly conducted WASO. This was a treat which bears repeating and I look forward to when he is able to come back and do it all again.

Photos courtesy of Perth Festival.

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