Nina, Love SImone
Simone Craddock and Adrian Galante perform in the Government House Ballroom. Credit – Maree Laffan

Enjoying the music of Nina, Love Simone in the Government House Ballroom

An audience of 200, including the Governor and Ms Annus, gathered in the Government House Ballroom to be taken on a mesmerising journey through the life and songs of jazz great Nina Simone, courtesy of award-winning performer Simone Craddock and ft. Adrian Galante on piano.

Photos – Simone Craddock and Adrian Galante perform in the Government House Ballroom. Credit – Maree Laffan

The show, which won the 2020 Music & Musical Award on debut at Fringe World, was presented as part of the Restart The Arts with Government House initiative, a program that has been running for over nine months aimed at providing support for WA artists at a time when COVID saw venues and livelihoods restricted.

Nina, Love Simone was the final Restart The Arts concert in the Ballroom for the next six months as the venue shuts temporarily to undergo roof maintenance.

The Governor described the evening as ‘fabulous’ and a wonderful temporary finale for what has been a very successful Restart The Arts program.

“Simone did the most wonderful rendition of the songs and life of Nina Simone,” said the Governor. “It was a wonderful program honouring the life of a great, but much challenged artist. This show is a prize winner and with Simone’s lovely voice it’s not hard to see why.”

“Wonderfully accompanied by talented pianist Adrian Galante the audience was transported to a different place.”

The Governor said the impact of COVID on artists around the world, whilst unlucky for them, has been very lucky for the people of Western Australia.

“Many of our terrific artists have stayed home in WA unable to travel to perform, so we have had the chance to see first-class performers and producers.”

Photo – Concert-goers enjoyed refreshments on the Government House Ballroom Terrace prior to the show. Credit -Maree Laffan

The Ballroom is expected to re-open again in November with planning underway for further support of WA’s arts community when it does.

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