TKI lectrure
The Governor welcomes guests to the Telethon Kids Institute Governor’s Lecture Series at Government House

Governor and Ms Annus attend the Telethon Kids Institute Governor’s Lecture Series

The Governor and Ms Annus attended the annual Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) Governor’s Lecture in the Government House Ballroom, where 2021 West Australian of the Year Professor Helen Milroy presented a powerful lecture on the mental health of our children.

Photo – Professor Helen Milroy delivers the 2021 Telethon Kids Institute Governor’s Lecture

The Governor told the gathering of researchers, donors, stakeholders and community members how blessed we are in WA to have a world-class institute such as Telethon Kids and the importance of the lecture series in bringing the knowledge of preeminent scientists to the broader community.

Professor Milroy’s lecture “Born into Stories: Giving every child the opportunity to achieve their potential” focused on mental health in children, especially those who have experienced trauma.

The Governor described Professor Milroy as a trailblazer for child mental health, those recovering from trauma and grief, Aboriginal mental health and cultural models of care.

“There are people who talk about wanting to do good in the world, to leave their mark and there are those who actually do it, Professor Milroy fits into the latter,” said the Governor.

“Her lecture was a superb challenge to the audience of researchers and supporters of Telethon Kids Institute on the night, but it really was also more of a challenge to the community as a whole as to how critical the mental health of kids is.

The happiness of themselves and society as a whole and how vital that it gets established at a very early age was superbly demonstrated by Professor Milroy who is one of Australia’s foremost experts on these matters.” the Governor said.

“Hopefully it will be a speech which resonates through all the important decision-making areas of the community as this is an issue that must be tackled.”

Photo – Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) Director Professor Jonathan Carapetis, Professor Helen Milroy  and TKI Chair The Hon Julie Bishop at Government House

Following the lecture guests enjoyed a get-together on the Government House Ballroom Terrace.

Photo – The Governor, Ms Annus, Ms Elizabeth Perron and Professor Helen Milroy

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