The Governor received a private tour of the historic Dempster Homestead in Esperance
The Governor enjoyed a private tour of the historic Dempster Homestead in Esperance

Regional Visit Program: Esperance, Afternoon One

Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Governor for lunch at the Cannery Arts Centre, where he reflected on how businesses have had to adapt as a result of the global pandemic and how it has bought communities such as Esperance together.

After lunch, the Governor toured the Esperance Quality Grains facility, learning about their exporting capabilities and the expansion of their grain cleaning and drying business which saw them handle 55,000 tonnes of grain in a three month period during last year’s harvest. The company specialises in pulses and legumes.

Photo – Governor on a tour of Esperance Quality Grains with owner Neil Wandel and GEDC CEO Kris Starcevich

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association then invited the Governor to a special event at Lucky Bay Brewing and the chance to hear from local farmers and agricultural group representatives about innovative projects being implemented across the region.

Lucky Bay Brewing is part of the farming community in the heart of the Esperance region, which grows premium barley for malt. Most barley grown in WA for malt is exported, meaning the majority of breweries in WA can’t buy WA malt to brew beer. Lucky Bay Brewing is the first and only brewery in Australia to buy its malt directly from local farmers.

A visit to historic Dempster Homestead wrapped up the afternoon with the Governor invited for a private tour of Esperance’s oldest building. Owners Victoria and Tom Brown have been renovating the home since 2017, which is a significant landmark in Esperance.

To finish off Day One of the Esperance Regional Visit program, the Governor was special guest at a Civic Reception organised by the Shire.

Shire President Ian Mickel formally welcomed the Governor and invited him to address the special gathering of shire representatives that included community groups, volunteers, Councillors and staff and youth representatives.

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