Jazz Line
Government House Gardens provided the perfect setting for musicians and audiences to enjoy The Jazz Line – Credit J. Wyld

The Jazz Line in Government House Gardens, and paying tribute to the political life of Edith Cowan

A celebration of two kinds for the Governor – a chance to pay tribute to the first woman to be elected to Parliament in Australia, and an event to recognise the influence of some of the world’s jazz greats, courtesy of homegrown talent.

‘The Jazz Line’ – a Perth Festival event.

The Governor and Ms Annus joined a sell-out crowd in the Government House Gardens for one of the final events of this year’s Perth Festival, a tribute to jazz greats featuring some of Perth’s finest performers.

A stage full of local talent covered a repertoire that followed the evolution of jazz – from Ragtime to Swing Big Bands to Be-Bop and into the present day – with the event offering the audience a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy a gorgeous evening on the lower lawn.

The Governor thoroughly enjoyed the event and is hoping to attract more festival performances to the Government House gardens in the future.

“The Perth Festival finished with a bang with a fabulous jazz concert involving an enormous number of jazz musicians here in Western Australia”, said the Governor. “It was a treat as all the classics unfolded over the course of 2.5 hours.”

“The Gardens were a superb location for it and I want to discuss with the Perth Festival the capacity to use the Gardens more in future years with this event such a fine example of how well it can be utilised and enjoyed.”

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the first woman elected to Parliament in Australia

The Governor attended, and spoke at, a special Chorale Evensong at St George’s Cathedral to commemorate the centenary of Edith Cowan’s election to the Parliament of Western Australia as the first woman member of the Australian legislature.

The Governor was honoured to be asked to speak on Edith Cowan’s political career and her work as a trailblazer, not only as a parliamentarian, but in her advocacy for Australian women and returned service personnel.

“Edith Cowan was a woman and parliamentarian well ahead of her time,” said the Governor.

“Two decades ahead of its Federal introduction she advocated for child and maternity endowment and as a founding member of the Children’s Protection Society she helped bring about the State Children’s Act in 1907, and subsequently the formation of the Children’s Court.

Prior to and throughout her term in office she was an avid supporter of both compulsory voting and proportional representation, and early in her parliamentary career she noted that it might be a good idea to encourage development in the north-west of Australia and spend some money there. Just some of her many achievements as a pioneer and community and political leader.”

You can read more about Edith Cowan via the Parliament of Western Australia website here

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