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MetSO with Artistic Director Burhan Güner.

Welcome to two new Vice-Regal Patronages

The Governor is proud to welcome two new organisations to the list of community, business, sporting and industry groups he supports through his Vice Regal Patronage.

More than 140 Western Australian organisations are Patronages of the Governor, covering a variety of interests ranging from agriculture, health and medical, charities, arts and culture, education, environment and faith through defence, sporting, heritage, professional organisations and support service groups.

The two new patronages are The Carrolup Centre for Truth Telling at Curtin University and The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (The MetSO).

A full list of the Governor’s Patronages can be found here.

The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling

The Carrolup Centre for Truth-Telling, based at Curtin University, is the permanent home of the The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup Art, a collection of rare artworks created by Aboriginal children of Australia’s Stolen Generations. The Centre serves as a foundation for a whole-of-University initiative to engage the wider community in truth-telling, healing and reconciliation.

               Photo – The Governor attends the  2020 establishment of the Carrolup Centre for Truth-Telling. Credit -Ezra Alcantra

It is a place to commemorate how young Aboriginal children – forcibly separated from their families and living in an unknown place – still found beauty and connection to their Country and their culture through art.

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (The MetSO)

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra,(MetSO) is a community orchestra that aims to promote a deeper appreciation of orchestral music by providing workshops, rehearsals and concert opportunities for musicians and the general community.

The MetSO also run a Young Artist program that works to recognise and encourage young artists and to provide experience in learning from, and playing alongside, a full symphony orchestra.

The Governor is proud to be Patron of both The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling.

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