Farm Weekly taking photograph of Governor, Alan Beattie and Oral Macguire
Farm Weekly taking photograph of Governor, Alan Beattie and Oral Macguire

EXCO and a day trip to Northam to open Boola Boornap

Lieutenant Governor Peter Quinlan hosted Executive Council as the Governor travelled to Northam to officially open the Noongar Land Enterprise (NLE) tree nursery.

The Lieutenant Governor presided over the Executive Council meeting at Government House, welcoming the Hon Sue Ellery MLC, the Hon John Quigley MLA and Mr Nick Hagley, Clerk of the Executive Council.

Governor, Darren West MLC, Alan Beattie, Oral Macguire
The Governor with Darren West MLC, Oral Macguire and Alan Beattie.

Up in the Wheatbelt, the Governor admired the work of the Noongar Land Enterprise to champion regenerative agriculture, saying it will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of our land – not only in the region, but as a contribution to the sizeable global climate challenge.

Since acquiring the nursery only 4 months ago, NLE has planted and have orders for approximately 1 million seedlings from 50 different species. Future projections (based on expansion plans) anticipate a production capacity of approximately 3 million seedlings per year.

“I am so thrilled that you are leading the regenerative agriculture industry, being the first Aboriginal grower group in Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Noongar Land Enterprise, not only for its commitment to regenerative agriculture, but also for their work in creating career opportunities for Aboriginal people in the indigenous food sector. Sadly this is a sector which has very little Aboriginal representation at present, so it is great to know that NLE has employed 10 local Aboriginal people since its inception.”

I have so much hope attached to this nursery and the regenerative healing it will bring to our people and our land. I hope the beneficiaries feel an incredible sense of personal fulfillment when they look at the evolution of this tree nursery. I hope that your plans to diversify into Ngooka Honey and bush-foods production proves successful and that you continue to be motivated by environmental, cultural and social responsibility. I also sincerely hope this place generates a source of income for you which will enable you to grow and prosper for decades to come.

The tree nursery Boola Boornap – whose Noongar name means Place of Many Trees – was officially opened by the Governor during his visit.




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