Concierge tour
A special tour of the Government House Gardens today for Hotel Concierges and Tour Guides.

Hosted a Garden Tour, met with WA Geographic Names Committee, and presented to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (WA).

The Governor and Ms Annus held a morning tea for some of Perth’s top Hotel Concierges and city tour guides today before the guests were taken on a special tour of Government House Gardens.

The Gardens are open to the public for ‘Lunchtimes in the Gardens‘ three times a week and today’s visit was aimed at sharing some of the beauty and history of our grounds with those who deal most directly with city visitors and tourists.

Government House was the site of the first government gardens in Perth and there is so much to see, enjoy and learn about our heritage-listed gardens with some plants and trees dating back to the colony’s foundation in 1829.

Our 3.2 hectares of gardens are open to the public as part of our ‘Lunchtimes in the Gardens‘ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12pm and 2pm.

Meeting with the Minister for Lands and the WA Geographic Names Committee

The Governor today met with the Hon Minister for Lands, Dr Tony Buti, representatives from Landgate and the WA Geographic Names Committee.

Photo – The Governor with (l-r) Landgate CEO Mr Graeme Gamme, the Hon Dr Tony Buti Minister for Lands and the Hon Tom Stephens OAM Chair, WA Geographic Names Committee. 

In attendance, along with the Minister, was Committee Chair the Hon Tom Stephens OAM and Mr Graeme Gamme Chief Executive Officer of Landgate, as well as Ms Cec Smith from the Office of the Minister for Lands.

The Geographic Names Committee acts as an advisory committee to the Minister for Lands to provide advice on geographical naming issues and today they met with the Governor to discuss the Geographic Naming Policy to promote WA’s unique heritage.

“It was my first meeting with the Geographic Names Committee and they handle the often fraught questions around changing a name of something or adding a name to something, such as a particular geographic feature or road for example,” said the Governor.

“We had a good discussion about a number of ideas and proposals they had for the naming of places around the city.”

Addresses the Australian Institute of International Affairs ‘America Under Biden’ event

The Governor presented at the Australian Institute of International Affairs WA (AIIA WA) event held at the UWA Club.

The event provided an opportunity for AIIA WA members to discuss what the Joe Biden Presidency will mean for Australia with the Governor sharing his thoughts and experiences, as well as taking part in a Q and A following his presentation.


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