Chatting in the yarning circle at Breathing Space
Chatting in the Yarning Circle at Breathing Space.

Touring Communicare’s Breathing Space

The Governor chats with Hon Jim McGinty and Melissa Perry in the Yarning Circle at Breathing Space.

I had the privilege of being taken for a tour around Communicare’s Breathing Space facility in Maylands this morning. What an incredible initiative – the first residential men’s behaviour change program in the southern hemisphere, creating an alternative to removing women and children from their family home when family and domestic violence is present.

The therapeutic community program provides men with up to six months of accommodation while they undertake an extensive program including individual informal counselling and case management in their behaviour change journey.

Communicare’s Breathing Space program aims to maximise the safety of all women and children by providing residents:

  • Opportunities to reflect and be accountable for their behaviour and the choices they have made.
  • A structured program which supports and encourages learning, offers alternatives and assists men’s capacity in understanding and taking responsibility for their violence, anger and abuse.
  • An environment where access to information assists to develop positive strategies to resolve their difficulties.
  • Referrals and links to services that meet the needs of each individual participant.
  • An extended support service, counselling and assistance post the completion of the six month program for sustained behaviour change.

The Governor thanks program participants for their insights and honesty.




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