Zoom call with MWDC re Cyclone Seroja
Zoom call with MWDC re Cyclone Seroja

Update on aftermath of TC Seroja, Return of the Writs and COVID vaccination

The Mid-West Development Commission provided me with a briefing today via Zoom following the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Seroja to the region last weekend. The most impacted towns were Kalbarri, Northampton, Binnu and the Chapman Valley area.

The Governor reflects on the cyclone.

“With an almost complete wipeout of housing, business and the tourist season in Kalbarri, the continuing task of recovery and clean-up associated with the debris (power poles, roofing from homes etc) plus the struggle to reestablish communications are the most urgent needs at the present time.

There is an enormous requirement in the region for temporary accommodation, both for displaced residents but also for tradespeople needing to help the rebuilding process, which is a challenge at this very moment, as is the distribution of food and the ability to communicate.

Despite the devastation, great spirit prevails in these demoralising conditions.

The State Government has just appointed a Regional Coordinator to assist in the reestablishment of these great rural towns. We need to be mindful of the needs here and have to count recovery in terms of months and years, not days and weeks.”

Robert Kennedy from the Western Australian Electoral Commission returns the Writs to Government House

Later in the morning the Governor welcomed Robert Kennedy from the Western Australian Electoral Commission back to Government House for the Return of the Writs. State Legislation requires the Writs to be returned within 100 days of their issue.

This afternoon the Governor received his COVID19 vaccination at the Claremont Showgrounds Vaccination Hub, rolling up his sleeve to be part of the State Government’s Roll up for WA campaign. Click here to find out about the phased roll-out in WA.

“I was very impressed – it was an excellent set-up and it seemed everyone had a sense of confidence going in. It’s good to protect yourself and it’s critical for our community to build herd immunity, so I am pleased to have played my part in that,” said the Governor.



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