Youth week Ambassador Haseeb Riaz chats with the Governor
Youth Week Ambassador Haseeb Riaz chats with the Governor

Youth Week continues, callers to Government House and a visit to ArborCarbon

A quick catch up with Patrick Suckling this morning during his visit to Perth. Patrick heads up Pollination, and is a great advocate accelerating the transition to a net zero, climate resilient future.

I then had the pleasure of meeting up with Haseeb Riaz, one of the 2020 Youth Week Ambassadors who has been allowed to continue his work this year given the COVID19 restrictions they have faced in the past year. Haseeb and his co-Ambassador Zahra Al Hilaly continue to work with small committees of young people to develop events across the State including the KickstART festival.  My chat with Haseeb included comparisons on youth these days, compared to when I grew up,  issues facing youth, and exploration of potential structural changes to enable youth to have more influence in decision-making. Haseeb’s attitude and commitment in advocating for young people and youth issues as well as ensuring our young people have a voice is inspirational.

Haseeb Riaz greets the Governor

Erin Watson-Lynn and guest Dr Nalin Dayawansa joined us later in the day. Erin is an international relations practitioner and foreign affairs commentator and is currently an Australian Delegate to the G20 Women Summit. Discussions were broad-reaching including the COVID19 pandemic, the Australian and global economies and the need for Australia to diversify its economic interests and international trade relationships.

Next up I had the pleasure of visiting ArborCarbon where I was briefed in innovative remote sensing technologies, precision vegetation monitoring and got to see their new camera technology in action.

Briefing with ArborCarbon’s MD Professor Paul Barber

We ended the day thanking people who were pivotal in the success of the Inaugural Backyard Cricket Match held at Government House last month, raising much-needed funds towards brain cancer research for young children in Western Australia.



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