Agricultural reps networking at Government House
Representatives from across the agricultural industry attended the reception

Reception for State’s agricultural heavyweights

Representatives from Western Australia’s agricultural industry attended a reception at Government House tonight.

As well as being the nation’s largest grain-producing region, WA is a significant producer of Australia’s meat, livestock, dairy, wool, horticulture and honey products and exports around 80% of its agricultural production.

Speaking at the event, the Governor said,

“In the same way that we are world-class miners here in Western Australia, we are also world-class farmers and pastoralists. Every West Australian farmer is a scientist. I’ve been impressed as I’ve gone around the state, including visits to the farms of some of my relatives, to see how brilliantly calibrated every factor or element of production is.

This is achieved through careful attention to a deeply scientific study of the land and its productivity – an understanding of how to get the best out of it which is passed down from generation to generation, and how to preserve land, crops and cattle for the long-term.

I  thank each and every one of you for the contribution you make to our agricultural industry. It is thanks to your hard work, dedication and passion for the land and what it can reap that our State continues to prosper.”


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