Governor swears in Legislative Council 2021
The Governor swears in Members of the Legislative Council of the 41st Parliament of Western Australia

Swearing in of the new Legislative Council Members of the 41st Parliament

The Governor was privileged to swear in the members of the new Legislative Council this morning at Parliament House.

In his official capacity, the Governor extended a warm welcome to all members before asking members to take an Oath or Affirmation of Office.

After all members had been sworn in, the Governor spoke to the Legislative Council, remarking the moment was a great achievement by them all.

The Oath or Affirmation you took this morning confirms your commitment to faithfully serve all the people of Western Australia. For 17 of you, this is the first occasion on which you have made that solemn promise in this House, and I extend my particular congratulations to you.

The people of our wonderful State will be well served by Parliamentary Representatives who work in their interests and work together to continue to improve our State.”

The Governor enjoyed some time chatting with the newly sworn-in Legislative Council Members after the official ceremony.



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